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Welcome to the Official Four Horsemen website. We don't like shitey music, and we don't like shitey websites either. Hence, ours is designed to be simple and shite free. Welcome.
THE SONGS - 'The writing on Songs from the Mission Of Hope is not as far removed from The Four Horsemen as you might think...If you listen to tracks like Nobody Said It Was Easy or Somethin Good and compare the lyrics to The Boy With The Gold Adidas or Back To The Sea it's basically the same story...Who am I and what am I doing here? The questions we all ask ourselves at some point...I just asked them a little more quietly on my solo album.'

VINYL - 'I wanted people to have the same experience I had as a teenager when you got home from the record store. You put the album on the turntable and listened to it while wading through the inner and outer sleeves and any other bits or pieces the record company saw fit to stuff inside the package.'

- Stephen 'Haggis' Harris 2013




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